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Sources of Research Problem That Can Help You to Create One

Sources of Research Problem
Have you ever ridden a bike? What a weird question, you would be thinking. To me, it’s the most relevant question to develop a research problem. No one dares to ride a bike before a complete understanding of its working. So, how a student can perform research before developing a clear research problem? Writing a research problem is the most difficult task in research. Once you have those four lines, the rest will be easy. Some sources of a research problem can help you formulate it. Today’s article is all about using those sources. It will also discuss using those sources to create a worth researching problem. Before moving on to the actual topic, experts of dissertation writing services have defined the research problem and its significance in the research.

What is a research problem?

A research problem is a clear and definite expression of your chosen area of research. It can be about a scientific discovery, social issue and psychological disorder. A research problem indicates the logical need for the investigation of the issue. It doesn’t state how you will achieve your goals as it’s not a research proposal. It is only a 50 to 60 words statement explaining the need for research in the area.

Research problem holds immense importance. It discusses the challenge and issue at hand briefly. A few lines will be on the problem itself. The other few lines will illustrate the need for research. It provides a direction for the research and defines the purpose.

Sources of Research Problem

The problem is not the research problem; it is how to write it. We asked one hundred students from different universities in the USA about this. They all gave the same answer: the rest is easy once a research problem is developed. Therefore, we decided to write an article on the sources of research problem. A brief description of all the sources is as follows;

Personal experience

Observation and experience in hypothesis testing are the most active teachers of human beings. They can teach life lessons to the people of a society. Those life lessons help researchers formulate research problems out of all the problems they face. Day to day personal experiences serves as a good source of ideas. For example, you see someone beating his wife over a minor household conflict. Thus, you experienced domestic violence.

Further, you observe a lot of such cases in society. Now, these personal experiences are itself problems. A researcher can document this violence and write a research paper on it. Thus, personal experience is a great source of research problems.

Practical Experiences

Practical experiences are different from those of personal ones. Performing something practical and identifying a problem is the best source of research problem. The nurses and doctors get plenty of such ideas when working practically in the field. They often encounter multiple problems that need to be solved. Workers in the industry can also encounter several faults in the machinery of the plant. Thus, these practical experiences lead to the research. This is why academia and industry relationship is extremely important. The industry identifies a problem through practical experiences. These practical experiences serve as a source of research problems that the academic researcher will conduct.

Exploring the literature

Literature is the source of all problems. Have you ever thought about why these many books have been written? They have been written in response to a problem. There is a possibility that the book has not covered all the aspects of the research. There may be some weak points that need to be researched. Therefore, reading the literature is a great source of research problems.

Reading is not enough to form a research problem. Reading critically is required to understand the topic and identify a potential problem truly. The ideas, opinions and methods may strike the head of the researcher.

Social issues

Issues surround today’s society. Everywhere we see, there are issues. There could be issues like HIV/AIDS, female feticide, women harassment at their workplaces. These are not the issues of a particular society but are global. Every country on this planet faces the same problems as those mentioned above.

Ohh, gender inequality is also a major problem of the modern world. In most developing countries, women don’t work and stay at home all their lives. It means that nearly half of the population of such countries doesn’t work. It is not a good sign for the economy of a country. Therefore, these are some of the global problems. Already, the UN is investing a lot in researching such issues. These issues can be a potential source of research problems.


Intuitions are good sources of knowledge and business writing. They enable the reflective thinking of the researchers. Reflective thinking is considering something after its action. For example, the action of falling apple triggered reflective thinking in Newton’s mind. As a result, he wrote his theory of gravity. Likewise, there are many examples when intuitions became the source of research problems.


Students in their final year have to submit a thesis or dissertation to get a degree. The students are forced to develop a research problem in such scenarios. The topic might be very strange, i.e., something the students have not experienced. How can students develop a research problem in such cases? The answer lies in brainstorming. It helps students find new questions in the research by looking at the data available. One other practice is discussing what comes to mind with fellow students. Discussion with others generates new ideas that further paves the way for the research problem. Thus, among the sources of research problems, brainstorming is an effective one.


Defining a research problem before anything else creates lots of easiness. It helps students move in the right direction and work to achieve the goal of the research. The above-mentioned sources of research problems are not the final sources. There are many other sources available on the internet. You can look for them, surely.

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