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A Complete Guide on NFTs Working, Pros and Cons

Introduction: NFT means non-fungible tokens. These days, NFTs are the major spotlight. These are the digital assets that hold value. In the modern-day world, you will be aware of bitcoins, Ethereum and cryptocurrencies. It is like other digital currencies, but it is unique. It also holds physical value. It is a digital token that uses blockchain technology. NFT is a unique, unrepeatable cryptographic token. You cannot divide it into different sub-units like other cryptocurrencies. But, you can use NFTs for object representation in the digital and real world. NFTs have their own characteristics and ownership. It maintains all these aspects in blockchain with the help of a smart contract. There is a long list of assets that you can present on the blockchain with the help of NFTs. It will include collectables, digital assets and a share of the company. This article aims to provide a complete guide on NFTs. It also aims to provide guidelines about how they work. Apart from this, this artic